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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  January 19, 2010 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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teams, they have rescued 7 people in haiti. 16 of those rescues were done from crews based in fairfax county. the u.s. navy ship comfort is all set to drop off the coast of haiti tomorrow night. in our own, scott broom, is on -r board -- is on board. taking a look at one doctor who is heading home to help. >> reporter: i'm scott broom on the u.s. naval hospital ship. out of the 1100 doctors, nurses, support staff on the ship, there is one doctor, a neurologist specializing in head injuries who have a personal stake above all others on this mission of mercy. >> lots of family friends are still not found. stkpwhár he is a haitian refugee who's family came to new york as a child. >> it's very emotional for me. >> reporter: the son of the cab driver and a housekeeper. he went to yale and joined the navy after 9/11 while finishing medical school. his ties to haiti and the disaster are still personal.
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>> the last person we're looking for is one of my cousins. he was discovered underneath some bricks, rubble. >> reporter: and now, it's his turn to play a role. >> the haitian people are fighters. and you know, even though that the huge disaster, like my cousin we found at the bottom of the building, he was there waiting for someone to come to get her out of it. but i have been getting a lot of text messages, e-mails from family and friends saying when you get to haiti, go look for this person and in this building. obviously that's not going to be my role. our role is to bring this hospital. that frees up other people to go and pick up the other job going out to look for other people. he is also counseling fellow doctors about the challenges of treating people that they might not be able to communicate with because this neurologist says even desperate disaster victims deserve the final say when it comes to their medical treatment.
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on the comfort, scott broom, 9news now and >> people are dying in haiti because of the backlogs of flights in and out of the airport. controllers have turned away the same load of medical equipment three times since sunday despite occurrences that the flights could land. well tonight, the u.s. military says that they are handling 180 flights per day. that's a big increase earlier from the week. the pentagon says they are also e pr pairing two other airfields on the island for a flight. the logistics are woking with the u.s. sub and command to try to get aid into haiti as efficiently as possible. the only open space that you can see in the picture is the national soccer stadium over here. once again, filled with refugees. the worst thing you could do is pile everything up and not being able to distribute it. >> reporter: one of the few spots that they are delivering into is the presidential palace in port-au-prince. but for organizations for the
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advancement of haiti here if many dc, and the way to get the help in there is really frustrating. >> port-au-prince is almost like a war zone. it's a devastation that they put that out there and to restore the guns. so you need to start with ground zero to see how they will control the systems. so they need to determine the people, even if there is an emergency. but to have this coming and we're going to be there to help. >> noah is helping to send them to haiti as soon as possible. and we've got much more on the efforts to help haiti on and there, you'll find a list of charitable organizations, right at the top of the home page. we also have a story of the rockville teacher and her class that are working to get help to the children of haiti. breaking news out of virginia where police, they believe they have a single gunman surrounded in the woods. and that man is wanted after the deadly shooting this afternoon.
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so far, investigators, they are only saying that multiple people, they are dead. they will not go to get that specific anymore than that. also accused at shooting at the helicopter with an update on the story as anymore information becomes available. now, an update on the apartment complex fire early it had morning. investigators say that fire along the eagle's nest in german town was intentionally set. and they found evidence of the accelerator that was used in the common stairwell. four people needed to be rescued. one had to be treat. that fire caused $100,000 it be many damage. and we also have an update now on the educational farm asked to keep them out. tonight, prince george's county health departments say that 37 people are getting a series of antirabbies shots. 29 of them are students from the district. prince george, charles, and montgomery county. a young man claimed that it was just a role-playing game.
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but now, being sentenced to more than five years in prison for what prosecutors say was a plot against president obama. >> i'm brittany morehouse in green belt where a federal judge sentenced all of them to five years in prison. the 20-year-old was a team had they searched their home in 2008. pleading guilty to storing bomb-making materials. during the sentencing today, they argued he planned to kill barack obama. >> we know that he wrote down plans as the judge indicated that was odd and unusual that he had gone through such a formality. >> reporter: the defense attorney said he wanted to pursue a career in government security. and they argued those so-called plans were role-playing. >> he is just a kid. >> reporter: but the judge didn't buy that. he calls him a product of society where you can plan things and there are no real consequences. he wanted to send a message to other young people, fascinated with weapons and role-playing. >> thank you, brittany morehouse. the government of maryland
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is outlining the budget plans for the year. they are not calling for new taxes even though the state is $2 billion in the red. but to help close that deficit, martin o'malley proposes laying off 44 state workers and eliminating about 200 jobs currently vacant. and his plan also spells out ten day furloughs for most state workers. tuition and state colleges will go up 3%. virginia educators are considering a laundry list of options to try to address the budget cuts. schools are facing the prospect of less money from both the commonwealth and their own communities. the top option is being considered. larger class sizes, cuts and programs and services. and fewer teaching positions. president obama, they came to falls church today to push for a big investment in education. the race to the top of the education program is designed to improve the public schools all across the country. >> we're going to raise the bar for all our students. and to take the bigger steps towards closing the achievement gaps that deny so
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many students. especially the black and the latino students. a fair shot of their dreams. >> reporter: they are asking congress to get back to $1.3 billion. they chose the grand road elementary for their announcement because the school already uses innovative approaches to teaching. and let's get to topper with the 9news forecast first. i think our warm times might be winding down, top. >> it is, but 60 today. finishing it out on the strong note. the warmest day since november 29 of last year. here is the forecast first though. for tonight, a few clouding it to be chilly. the winds are light northwesterly at about 10. temperatures are falling a little bit. north and west of town. and winchester and frederick, now down to 47 downtown. we'll come back and talk about that colder air moving in. what that means for the winter precipitation over the next four days. believe it or not, we have video of the possible tornado damage from all places long beach california, more coming up
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next. >> thank you, top. maryland for the money. new figures show men might be getting in on the new act. massachusetts voters go to the polls to elect a new u.s. senator. it's a state election that could have national implications. i'm drew
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they could decide the faith of the president for the push for the health care reform. drew levinson is live in boston with the latest of the big votes, drew? >> reporter: well, derek. the attorneys just held a news conference to voice their concerns next week about the voter irregularities. they are upset about two reports of the spoiled ballots. at the same time, the secretary of the states here in massachusetts have discounted that saying that could not be verified. you know, this is something that's not that uncommon. accusing each other of doing something unfair and sometimes even illegal in this case. but at the same time now, as you have said, less than an hour until the polls close. >> reporter: ing long lines of massachusetts voters, they brace the snow to cast their ballots in the special election for the u.s. senate. it's a state vote. which could impabt the entire country. >> definitely a national issue. >> reporter: a win by the republican would give their
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party 41 senate seats. it's enough to stop the democrats from passing legislation without them. that would hurt president o ma'am's chances of pushing through the agenda. >> this is fun. i'm honored to be here. very excite. watch yourself, watch yourself. very excite for the results. >> reporter: the democrats, they once held a big leave in the liberal leaning massachusetts. and now, many polls, they show that they are mind. >> we don't pay attention, despite what they think. to all the medias and the polls and the ground games. >> reporter: this opened up when the democratic candidate died haás rear. he spent much of their career fiting for health care reform. but now, the fate of that reform could hang on the results of this election. president obama knows it. that's why we're here sunday stomping for them. and the voters, they realize it too. most we have talked to say health care was the main reason that they came out. >> we need the national health care -piments we node someone that's going to represent this
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state. i'm afraid of it. >> i don't know enough about it. and from what i heard, you north korea i start to feel that i should go against it. >> reporter: the dell the ares are hedging the best. now, they will find a way to push through the final health care bill before they take office. >> and if it had had race is as close as expected, this could be a very long night in massachusetts. >> we'll be watching it very closely. drew drew, thank you for that. of course, we'll have results on the race for you coming up tonight on 9news now at 11. still ahead, a consumer alert that prompts a recall. back with the full forecast. stay with us.
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more than 600,000 cribs. the 20 models are made with both drop sides and fixed front
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rails. they were sold at k-mart, sears, and the wal-mart stores. the recalls were announced after the 6-month-old child died fromming strangulations after the drop side of the area broke. for more on the can crib recall, go to our w-b scythe and click on living smart. well, now it looks like men who are getting married for the money. as they tell us, these days, women, they are better educated and it is paying off. >> mark and lisa have been married for more than 20 years. he has always been the one bringing home the bacon. >> i don't have a problem it. and i don't want her to learn. and i have been fortunate enough to hold the same job for 18 years. >> reporter: researchers say that fewer couples now fit that profile. >> what about your house? >> my house, yes. my wife makes more than i do
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and there is no problem with that. more women than ever, they now earn more than their husband and they are better educated too. >> it is a great thing. about time they get recognized for their new, you know, in life and they deserve to get what they can. >> and the downturn is reenforcing the gender reversal trend. men are losing their jobs more than women. >> who makes more, you or him? >> i do. >> does that create any problems for you? >> no, it doesn't. we're in the same industry. right now, their careers are influx. >> as long as the money is all contributed to the same household, then it shouldn't be a problem. >> reporter: the dantes are sticking to what works for them. >> she doesn't need to work, i don't want her to work. >> audrey barnes, 9news now, even though that things, they are improving for lives there, is still an income gap according to the 2009 census numbers. women with full-time jobs earned about 78% of what their male counterparts brought home.
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all right, what do you think of the so-called rise of the wives, ladies? if you make more than your man, do you see them any differently? and guys, can you handle it when your woman's paycheck is bigger? why does it matter? just as long as the bread is being won by someone. tell your thoughts and e-mails on well, you said it was 60 today. >> yes. >> i just only imagine we're losing dozens of degrees for them for tomorrow? >> you are correct and a little bit more after that. first though, we see the california storm. now this storm, they will get that out there on thursday night and friday. then there's the second storm that we get into sunday. >> wow. >> take you out though to l.a. county. this is possible damage of the tornado around long beach. they issued a warning at 1:15 local time. actually, at about 12:36 local time, 3:30 our time. around the long beach area, they had a possible tornado.
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16 miles southwest along long beach. and just some roof damage. there could have been a little tornado. >> they have tornadoes out there? >> very rarely. no state in the union is immuned from tornadoes, it's rare. but wow, that's pretty incredible. of course, heavy snow in the mountains. okay, for us, the next three days, tomorrow, we're looking at what they said, losing dozens of degrees. it's above average though. slight chance of the light snow south of town tomorrow night. then we get a break and the first california storm comes in. probably starting as rain on thursday, going to the mix on thursday night. they could end at the accumulating snow on friday. upper 30s for them on thursday and friday. tonight, partly cloudy, just chilly. low temperatures in the 30s. and winds are light, only at about 10 miles an hour. we're looking at temperatures for tonight. some areas, they are around freezing. 31 at great falls. 32 at rockville. but 34 silver springs. 32 at bowie and 33 at upper marlboro. they are falling but not super fast. 44 at brookville.
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the mid-40s for them. and checked in the at 46. now tomorrow morning, partly cloudy and colder. winds are light. by the afternoon, increasing clouds and colder. dry tomorrow. but snow or a mix is possible overnight. and the best chance will be south of town. high temperatures are near 45. but dropping down to freezing tomorrow night. take you out west. here is storm number one. another storm offshore. that will get them out there tomorrow. and each of the storms will get us. again, one on friday and one on thursday. and in the meantime, we have a fair amount of clouds out there. really from the rockies eastward. and consequently, we'll have a fair amount of the clouds tonight and then tomorrow night, perhaps, a little disturbance that gets us. just a little light snow. that's not the main event. still on thursday night and friday for us. and their own forecast, 41 front royal. but 45 at dale city. the mid-40s downtown tomorrow. with the fading sunshine for them in the afternoon. the next seven days? 44 tomorrow. then upper 30s on thursday and friday. that's not so much the problem. the problem are the lows. that's 32. that's the downtown temperature
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on thursday night. that's the mix. ending the accumulating snow on friday. it will be a secondary development for the areas of the low pressure that develops off the virginia cape. so the north carolina coast that could bring us accumulating snow on friday morning. nice on friday, next california storm gets us on sunday. with highs in the 50s. >> all right, back into the above average. >> yes. >> all right, thank you. well, let's get to our weird news files. blowing up for the amusement is cruel and evil. who would do such a thing? the answer, this guy. to the internet, youtubes specifically, they were a clever soul, they have the whole channel for them devoted to keep things exploding. there is one, there's another. the guinea pig. we also have a darling little kitty. and suddenly last but the not least, a panda cub. with anyone blowing up their most beloved animal? yes, yes they would. it is all just professional. and the animals were harmed in the making of this video. that got me thinking to the
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folks that we would love see blown up. the dallas cowboys, your mind date from haás thursday. i'm just kidding. >> we want to hear what you think -f. send your e-mails to 9news now will be right back.
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tonight, the bonus tax. last night, i asked if you thought the federal government ought to impose the tax on those massive bonuses now being raked in by some on wall street. and after the banks, they had to be bailed out by the taxpayers about a year ago. well, they will keep the maryland areas loving the idea. i can't believe anyone that complained people getting the country into the financial mess deserves a bonus. but they are on top of the whole thing. we would not have had this
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financial meltdown. the top executive salaries have skyrocketed while the local wages have not kept up with inflation. nothing but greeted at the top. they should, at the very least, be paying their fair share. and then, there was this, when something we don't see it every day. an e-mail reaction to the weird news. yesterday, we showed you this sleep suit that lets you fall asleep comfortably anywhere, any time. to me, it looks crazy, but not the susan who says it's a cocoon. what's weird about that? nature's creatures have been doing this for millions of years. are these folks getting paid for their sleep time? and now, that's what would be weird. you know, we need to disagree on the suits because it is totally bizarre. and an elbow for them on the down time to get their nap on. you know what i'm talking about. there are a lot of you that know exactly what i'm talking about. and drop me a line anyway. the address, don't forget to include your name and where you're writing
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us from. i'll be back here tonight at 11 with anita brikman. tonight, we're walking on the story of the local hero, credited with saving three lives with just a phone call today. and a day at the office for one doctor ends with a story that is out of this world. it's only on nine. don't forget, you can always log onto we'll see you a bit later. bye. at soyjoy, we believe the best foods grow from the earth.
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whole. in the fields and on the trees. which is why we use only whole soybeans-- naturally rich in nutrients, like protein, fiber, and antioxidants-- instead of soy extract. we take those soybeans, with all their goodness, and mix them with fruit. then we bake them into soyjoy. soyjoy. whole soy. whole goodness. "entertainment tonight" in high definition.
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"e.t.'s" undercovered video at the golden globes. clooney's umbrella crisis. the candid moments only our secret cameras captured. plus, not all of the trophies have been handed out. >> it's the "e.t." gg awards. best globes? and the somewhere over the rainbow award? then, how you can get the look of a globe star for less? the latest news on conan's reported buyout. how many millions can he get? and a globe winner sounds off on the late-night war. >> 20 of my friends were out of work right away. plus, is tiger woods being treated for sex addiction in this high-security clinic. brittany murphy's mom breaks her silence. her heard her 911 call.


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